Thursday, December 29, 2011

HaleBerry  portrait drawing

 too bad the flood destroyes my sketch pad so I cant continue these drawings anymore huhuhuhu

Giving away relief goods to families who don't want to live in Evacuation centers

Bringing relief goods house to

We are about to move to another place but still people are coming , they are running after us to ask for goods. Yes they are late haha.
Look at their smiles and you won't even believe that they have suffered from Typoon Sendong. They are so happy to receive 6 cans of sardines. Filipinos for the win!

By the way this is near Tubod bridge. These people are living beside the river.
I think this helicopter brings relief goods to hard to reach places and also for finding dead bodies.
I am so happy to capture the copter this near! yaay!   \(^w^)/

How to read the Bible

"Bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions." -F.Hess

Please answer the following questions:

a.) Do you read the bible everyday?
 b.) Or do you only read it during Special days like sundays, Christmas, or any religion related days?
c.) Or do you only read it when you feel like it.?
 d.) worst, you don't really read it all, just when you are FORCED to?

What is your answer?

   In my case, I don't read the bible everyday. So my answer would be "C" but sometimes "B". I only read the bible whenever I feel guilty not reading it , which is not right.

   We should see , reading the bible a responsibility or a task we need to accomplish everyday we shouldn't read the bible when I'm really angry or depressed ( though I can't call it depression yet).

Well, I recommend we should all find comfortand peace from God's word.  :)

Back to my point, I just hope that I or we would learn how to read the BIBLE everyday before 2011 ends. You could also add it on your new year's resolution list.

When I say "how to read the bible" , I do not mean how we read it by understanding the essence of those verse numbers or the arrangement of the names of the books in the bible. What I mean with " how to read the bible" is how to read the bible with the right motivation and best frequency , which is everyday.  I hope we will soon learn to move our fingers to open the pages of the book everyday until it becomes our breakfast or our dinner. It would even be more satisfying and full-filling than our usual meal, right?
Ofcourse, because it is THE REAL MEAL!

Too bad for me, my bible was ruined by Typhoon Washi (Sendong) huhuhu T______T
I have to buy a new one...(saving money)

Anyway, A D V A N C E   H A P P Y , H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R !!!    ^_____________^

Covenant of the Hands

Now hold my hand and swear (to God) that you will learn to read the bible everyday. Amen.

***   G o o d       L u c k     t o    U s    ***

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Experience with Typhoon Sendong (Washi) in Iligan City

It was a very windy and cold night. I slept early because I want to take advantage of the coldness the weather could  gave me. I wasn't even aware that there is a typhoon in Mindanao. Before I slept and travel  to wonderland, I even texted my friends. ;)

My text goes like this:


sO COOOOLD. ~(^_^~)

naNAYT... zZZZZZ  (U__U)"


 "JIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hHHHHHHHHHHEY! WAKE UP!" I woke up with my fathers hysterical voice,
I wonder. What's the matter?

Then when I finally stepped on the floor,
@___@ Oh my God!
The water had already reached my knees.

I was reall really really SHOCKED!  
This is the first time.
Then we immediately abandoned our house but wait my  little sister (14 y/0)  even got the opportunity to carry our NEW refrigerator and  placed it in an elevated place. My father saw her carrying it and he was damn SPEECHLESS. (*___________*)(funny??) My father almost got trapped. He can't open the door because of the pressure of the water outside.When we reached our gate, the water had already reached my chest. (Im 5'4 by the way.)

And our journey for SURVIVAL begins.......

(2 be continued so busy now.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Homosexuality Issue

One of my goals this week is to deal with the homosexuality issue.I am not a homo (homo sapiens lang) but I can feel their pain (though, not totally of the same degree,ofcourse.).
SOme of them might have gone through so much confusion specially the religious ones and that will be my focus this break. 
How do they deal with it? Just imagine the guilt they must have, thinking, they have disobeyed the Lord and will continue to disobey him al because of their lifestyle? If that's the case how can they ask forgiveness for a sin they know they would continue doing.
In the first place, Is homosexuality a SIN? Are homosexuals and lesbians wrong in their being?
there are so many opinions,nonetheless, there is only one truth. God LOVES us. No exception. Hope I will finish this quest and learn a lot. Good luck to me.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the First Time in Herstory ,The Ugly Duckling is INLOVE!

  Thesis         for      LOVE

(not yet done)
<Pls. take note that this study is still on going.>


Background :
You know that I am already in love with a superstar.(but did you really know? Did I forgotto mention that?
Ok. Brief FLASHBACK ::::::::::::::::

I have experienced being inlove already. Two times. With a local actor my age and with an international superstar 6 years older than me.
  ok? End of flashback <<<<<<<






He doesn't even had his own car.   (hahaah familiar? opcurz lyrics yan ng isang kanta, pero totoo.)

plus...thebiggest PLUS!



HE IS NOT SOMEBODY I EXPECT TO LIKE ![or love? i don;t know what I am feeling yet. Maybe LUST!   >:-) ]




For those who wan't to continue this study, please don't expect that he will notice you.

note: The author of this paper is currently diagnose with a mental disorder, Inlabsuperhenia and a chronic heart diesease, sasabug-na-ang-pusocliorosis.

Try to stop looking for people to fill your time with. Do the things that you love to do, and when you least expect it, you will meet someone special.

Try to stop looking for people to fill your time with. Do the things that you love to do, and when you least expect it, you will meet someone special.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moammar Gadhafi is DEAD!

The death of  Gadhafi is marked   as the end of despotism, tyranny, dictatorship and ultimately war in the north African country.

  Veteran Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi has been killed by new regime forces in their

 final assault on the last pocket of resistance in his hometown Sirte, a National Transitional Council

spokesman said Thursday. 

  Here are some comments and reactions  I read regarding his death:

 “Now the war is over. Sic transit gloria mundi (Thus passes the glory of the world),”              -  ROME,  Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi 
(Gadhafi's death ) “marks the end of an era of despotism.” (which also means)“repression from which the Libyan people have suffered for too long,”
           - BRUSSELS, Europian Union president Herman Van Rompuy Van Rompuy said in a joint statement with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.
“I am happy I will be visiting a country fully liberated from a dictator who has imposed his iron fist for more than 40 years. Now Libya can truly turn the page,” 
-European Parliament president Jerzy Buzek 
“While some final fighting continues, the Libyan people have liberated their country,”
“The United States, along with our European allies and Arab partners, must now deepen our support for the Libyan people, as they work to make the next phase of their democratic revolution as successful as the fight to free their country."  “Now the Libyan people can focus all of their immense talents on strengthening their national unity, rebuilding their country and economy, proceeding with their democratic transition, and safeguarding the dignity and human rights of all Libyans,”
   - Washington, senior US Senator John McCain
“We announce to the world that Kadhafi has died in the custody of the revolution,”
“It is an historic moment. It is the end of tyranny and dictatorship. Kadhafi has met his fate,”
  -libya, Libyan human rights lawyer, Abdel Hafez Ghoga


Friday, August 12, 2011

When will I ever do things right? Jira cried for the first time after a very,very long time.

Dear Readers,

Today my teacher said something mean to me because of the mistake I have done in our baking class.

One line I can;t forget....

" I have heard so MANY things about you Jira, I dont want it to happen in module 3 again. "          --> She is my new teacher .

..and BANG!

Ouch! Was my former teacher reporting my stubbornness to them? Huhuhuuh

I am stubborn and I don't follow instructions. It is just that they give us a recipe which I believe I can improve so instead of baking my cake the way they want me to do it, I add complementary ingredients which is AGAINST the rule.

Yeah so am I really BAD?


I know it is my fault by they also HATE me. I believe so.

My current teacher gave our group a lot of minus points!

First because of the dough!
Second because we use our measuring cup as a container for our milk!
Third because our dough was not right!
Fourth because we use too much flour in our worktable.

And we almost got deducted  again because she THOUGHT we pour our pie filling when it is still hot! I KNOW it! Grrrrrr
And you know what? Other groups pour their HOT (newly cooked) pie fillings into the pie crust

I admit that it is our wrong but only our group was deducted because we used  lot of flour! Other group did that too but was ignored. Our teacher was only minding our group! huuhuuuhuuh It is all my fault! She hates me and she always look for our group and notice every single mistake.

Am I still so wrong???????

 Do you know what  I did ?

After baking ,

I hid in my newly discovered corner of the building, it is actually a stairway to the 2nd gate but it was closed now . So no human being can see me there.

So do you know what I did?


   < mother I miss you,she haven't called me for a week or more. I miss her, wish she was here.>



< WHAT IS Wrong with me? Why can't I just act normally?>


       <How can I be so stubborn?>

CRIED........and   Cried. Until I got tired.

It was my first cry after a very long, long,long,long time!

I can't hardly breathe!

I was crying with all the reasons I know.
I cried because my MR. SUPERSTAR  is so perfect and will never like a SUPERFAN like me.
I was crying remembering how my life inside the house is working.
I cried feeling so much pity to my father who is so poor and
I cried feeling so MUCH pity to my mother because she is alone! She haven't find a new husband after she got separated with my father.Now she was so alone and she always tell me that she wishes for someone who will help her emotionally and  financially. She is soooooo beautiful and she had so many suitors but she will make some of them her boyfriends and break up because she gets turned-off.
I cried remembering what I read in my mother's birthday card she received from her friends. <Ill have a new post for more details>

I cried ......knowing how my teachers HATE me.


To cut this short:

I finished flooding my apron with TEARS.

I laughed at myself because I am so pitiful. Crying alone in an abandoned stairway.

I got a little scared because I realized that the stairway is ABANDONED! It is getting darker and darker.

I erased the scary thoughts I have.

I felt good.

I felt so good!! At last I cried my worries away. I have finished reflecting my mistakes and promise to never do it again.

To cut this very short:

I went back to our room , only to know that my classmates are GONE! Class was dismissed a long long time ago!


Friday, August 5, 2011

I Was INSULTED by the Bank Teller

Dear Diary,

I opened a bank account yesterday.
P.S. the bank teller could HARDLY believe I am under 18!
“Oh Hippest Teens Club…….Oh,that’s for TEENAGERS only.” ~._.~
I felt a chill in my spine. What did she say? I beg her pardon.
huhuhuhuhu Am I so ugly? huhuhuhuhu

I smiled…” But I am a teenager.”

“Oh how old are you?”

“Well,19.”  As usual I lied (yes, I never tell my real age or else I will suffer from the askers REACTION.), I would have chosen a much higher year but I can’t because one must be 13-19 yrs. old to be called a teen.
She was like ——> O_o

* i will end it here*

P.S. She had the most sarcastic smile in the whole world!
Weird…..I feel an urge to eating Dunkin Donuts’ butternut munch-kins while writing this.

I posted this in facebook and only one friend responded. huhuhu T_T Nobody really cares for me.
My friend thinks that I am clearly insulted and I should have reported the lady to the manager .


You think so?
Nah! I can’t do that. The idea did’nt even crossed y mind maybe because 
a. I am SCARED of reporting because I think the manager would even do the same thing.
b. I am innocent——> can’t identify an insult.
c. I am ignorant——-> Don’t know costumer service and the power of a manager.
d. Just used to it.

I think its all of the above but if I were to arrange them according to preference, it would be d,c,b,a. Meaning to say, I believe I am just USED to it .
I am so used to being mistaken to be a LOT older than my real age(like 25-37 yrs. old) but still I get HURT. Still, I get shocked.

But thanks to her, I was REMINDED that I am REALLY UGLY to the highest level. 
A “fact” that I always forget.

I don’t look at the mirror because Ill just get frustrated. Well,except when it is my magical-mirror-at-home because I always look pretty at our 28 year old mirror and I don’t know why.
Because of my old magic mirror, I leave the house feeling so BEAUTIFUL and end up getting heartbroken whenever I see my reflection on the jeepney’s (car) side mirror. T_T I can see the side mirror because I love sitting in the front seat because I feel safe and alone there.

Oooops„I am getting talkative. Lets end it here , I am revealing too much in this post. 

Good Night.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ugly Duckling is a Bitch!

I heard this on tv, ” I think you like her. Because when you like someone ,you will bug her even though she’ll get pissed.”

I was like……..@_____@

Oh really?

If so,then all the boys who teased me and bugged my spirits are……….inLIKE with me?

Then my classmate likes me? (now)




I believe those words were true but they don’t work for me. Never.

Guys bug me because I am BUG-able. They have all the reasons to tease me.

I am ugly, rude and messy.

So I don’t believe they like me. I don’t believe my crush likes me.
What? Did I just say CRUSH? That cannot be. I cant like him. I dont have the rights to. Because I am ugly.

But pessimisms aside, what if?

What if he likes me?


Oh YESSSSSSS    ........................whahahahaahahha

P.S. Please forgive me, I am a bitch. T_T

Don’t worry my crush for that man will expire tomorrow.(What is that  Unlitxt?)

It is because I just got this feelings at peak today and all I have to blame is my fucking dream. I dreamed of him today and in my dream, he LIKES me. So I returned the favor and LOV……no LIKE him too.
That explains why he is special to me.

I WILL FOREVER LOVE LEE MIN HO. So there shall be no way that I would like my classmate. I must be loyal to Minho.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man Threw Acid to a Woman Because of Rejection

 An Iranian woman blinded and disfigured by a man who threw acid into her face because she rejected his marriage proposal.

Is it love? Obviously not! IT IS LUST!
As what a quote says, "If you love someone, set her FREE."

What is wrong with people today? Why do they have to pour acid to a woman's face if their marriage proposal is rejected? Actually, this is not the first case. Just last week the same thing happened!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look at her eyes and you will find HOPE. While some parts of the world suffer from starvation, the RICH eats GOLD. YES THEY EAT GOLD.​amily-home/article/113164/​5-outrageously-expensive-f​ast-foods-cnbc

BY THE WAY, lets pray for her. Her chances of living is 50\50.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just-when-I-think-I-am-beautiful-moment #1

 I just finished washing my face,combing my hair (a lil' bit) and brushing my teeth. I feel so refreshed,so clean and .....



To confirm my very hilarious ASSUMPTION , I checked SCANNED my self in the mirror.

And I found out that


Whoaah.....I can't believe it,  no trace of oil, a clearer face though there are still acnes but at least my face looks clean!

I stared at the mirror a litlle longer just to be sure.

Now, I therefore conclude that I am not ugly!     <I'll get goosebumps if I say I'm beautiful>

And now , I am ready to go out and watch our sari-sari Store.

<Trivia- A Sari-Sari store is a very common type of store (which I think could only be found) in the Philippines. It sells almost anything from beverages,candies,junk foods,can goods,drinks,school supplies and many more. It resembles a grocery store but it is a lot smaller and people aren't allowed to go inside the store. They buy goods and recieved them through a window.>
I'm in a good mood. LAallalala LALALA
After a few more steps,I will be reaching my destination.


Oh!!! We have so many costumers! HAndsome costumers to be exact! Ayiiiiiieeeeee

So I rushed in to get their attention, ooppss I mean their orders. 
One handsome guy whom I think on his early 20's smiled at me and
intetines got TANGLED!
I can even feel my dandruffs are tickling me now.
<inhailllll, inhell, inhale, eXHALE>
" Wha...what do you want?"I almost stutterd. Good.



Did he just called me TE? Do you know what "TE" means? It mean Auntie in english!


IM JUST 17 ,,..... 17 UNDERSTAND?

Actually, Im so USED to being called auntie. I have been mistaken to be on my 30's many time, more than you could possibly imagine.Believe it or not, Im telling the TRUTH! There was even one time when a pregnant women called me auntie! And people always thought that I am my FATHER's SISTER.        T...T
Anyway, though I'm so used to it and I have already accepted the fact...... (the fUCK!).....
...the fact that I AM CRITICALLY UGLY, this situations never  failed  to
                                                                             HURT me. 

The only  thing that I have learned to do, was to teach my heart to be hurt  for SECONDS.

This case is different.

I can't stop my heart from hurting any longer. I am not emo you know.

It is just  because..... always HURT ME MORE 

things like this,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Letters to Mrs.Diary -Excerpt No.1

Dear Mrs. Diary,
 I badly need to learn martial arts now. We all know, that I need it because someday I will be living totally independent and alone. So I need it. Also, I  have to learn it to protect not only myself but also my family.Tonight I found a new reason to learn it and that is to be closer to Min Ho. I mean it would be great to learn the things that he know. It would feel like I know him better and it would lift  up my fan/stalker/lover or whatever-you-call-it status. I want to be deserving to be called his special fan but I find my self superly,obviously,unquestionably unfitting for the title. A reason to work harder.
  Now,my real problem lies on what type of art I should choose. It is not much of a problem but more of a difficult-simple question. You know ,those questions whose answers and the question it self is quite simple yet its choices are difficult to consider. Stepping aside my negativeness and bad approach......<to be continued have to attend school>

Friday, April 1, 2011

I never knew that Rose
 could be a beautiful name for a man, until a met you.
You were there looking at me straight in the eyes
and I thought it is the end of the world.
Then you asked me how much does our banana cue cost
 and woe to me I just realized you were a costumer.
It was just a few seconds when our eyes met
 but every milifraction of it stained my heart.
I tried not to tremble the moment I would answer.
But I cant even utter words. I am so stupid.

Did he think I am weird?
I bet not , because I believe a beauty like him have met
even more awestruck species like me.
In behalf of others , I say sorry to him not in words but
through telepathy,the only thing at the moment I could afford..
We didn't mean it, you are just irresistible.
Our world has to stop, so that we can enjoy
the breathtaking sight we see.
For we may not see it again.
You should be looking irritated
instead your demeanor were gentle.

How lovely can you get?
You were like a rose so beautiful and stunning
but grow thorns that go deep in my heart
makes it bleed knowing that you can never be mine.

The close space I created is already destroyed.
The power of Truth killed the monster I called Illusions.
Now, Im back to reality.
I can tell how many moments had passed.
You were standing there, waiting for an answer.
And you were smiling!
"A", Is it because I look weird and messy?
"B", Is it because you can read my actions?  or
"C", Is it because , it is just the way you are?
A,B or C the answer cant help my lil' misery.

Oh! God! I could die out of shame!

Lee Min ho 2011 portrait drawing

My first portrait drawing of Lee Min Ho.
Im a beginner in drawing portraits but I hope you like this.

How I wish Min Ho can see this.
It took me almost a 3 months to move my pencil to draw.
I am so lazy. Thanks to Min Ho, after getting lost in his photos, the next thing I know, my pencil was dancing !

 Hi Minho! Ur my idol and inspiration. You are always the best! It is not yet done hehhe I am just excited to post this.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am so Ugly

I am so ugly ,
yet I expect too much.

I am so ugly,
yet I am so in love with myself and him
   who don't even know I exist.

I am so ugly,
so I don't have the right to fall in love.

My point is you can love me or not,
but I cant and shouldn't love somebody too much.
GO ahead cause you have the right....

...but I who is UGLY must not.

------------------------------------> S           O           S<------------------------------------------------

Saturday, February 5, 2011

                                                                   I CANT BLAME THEM.

                               I CAN ONLY BLAME                                                                                                                            .                                                         OTHERS AND MY SELF  FOR SEEING AND IGNORING THEM.     

                                                                                                               THEY ARE IN A STRUGGLE FROM MAN'S PREJUDICE , 

                                FROM THEMSELVES AND FROM NATURE'S WRATH.

                                                               IT IS NOT always their fault... but maybe even YOURS!

We know this but only empathize.
<yes it is something we can all experience but theirs are far worse.>


                     Giving alms has always been a debate but a single coin won't hurt but it wont help too much to the point that they would be more dependent on us. Actually they are already but we still ignore saying we do not have and saying its their fault.
You don't have to feed all of them nor sacrifice your lil' allowance but at least when u see one , make sure to take a look. We can always help our neighbors that we meet on our way.

"These guys must work or else they die on their own. "

"They decided to live like that,so they mst face the consequences."

"My family is starving too, sorry I am not a HERO"

...BUT seriously, are you joking,? By that look (for example), how can they work? Even

 graduates and healthy people cant. Who will accept them? Think back. do you know? Is that what we call prejudice? Do you even know them? Who are you 

by the way?

....Are they asking all your bread? A cost of a single cigar,candy, or new magazine could help them so much.

                         What now? 

"They will die soon. It is no use."

- See? Do you know what you mean by that?

                   It is GIVING UP. You are not even in their situation . DO you think those people cant just 

 kill themselves rather than beg and starve? Ofcourse they can but still they had their 


     They dont wait for Death (though some might do) ,they wait for a miracle from directly 

from God or indirectly from you.

Think back... 

                                                                *** Hope this helps***

{I am a woman, troubled by all the problems of EARTH but I DONT REGRET. }

bloody eyes

bloody eyes
"Bloody Eyes"- by Princess Secret, one of my first paintings.