Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Experience with Typhoon Sendong (Washi) in Iligan City

It was a very windy and cold night. I slept early because I want to take advantage of the coldness the weather could  gave me. I wasn't even aware that there is a typhoon in Mindanao. Before I slept and travel  to wonderland, I even texted my friends. ;)

My text goes like this:


sO COOOOLD. ~(^_^~)

naNAYT... zZZZZZ  (U__U)"


 "JIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hHHHHHHHHHHEY! WAKE UP!" I woke up with my fathers hysterical voice,
I wonder. What's the matter?

Then when I finally stepped on the floor,
@___@ Oh my God!
The water had already reached my knees.

I was reall really really SHOCKED!  
This is the first time.
Then we immediately abandoned our house but wait my  little sister (14 y/0)  even got the opportunity to carry our NEW refrigerator and  placed it in an elevated place. My father saw her carrying it and he was damn SPEECHLESS. (*___________*)(funny??) My father almost got trapped. He can't open the door because of the pressure of the water outside.When we reached our gate, the water had already reached my chest. (Im 5'4 by the way.)

And our journey for SURVIVAL begins.......

(2 be continued so busy now.)

bloody eyes

bloody eyes
"Bloody Eyes"- by Princess Secret, one of my first paintings.