Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Letters to Mrs.Diary -Excerpt No.1

Dear Mrs. Diary,
 I badly need to learn martial arts now. We all know, that I need it because someday I will be living totally independent and alone. So I need it. Also, I  have to learn it to protect not only myself but also my family.Tonight I found a new reason to learn it and that is to be closer to Min Ho. I mean it would be great to learn the things that he know. It would feel like I know him better and it would lift  up my fan/stalker/lover or whatever-you-call-it status. I want to be deserving to be called his special fan but I find my self superly,obviously,unquestionably unfitting for the title. A reason to work harder.
  Now,my real problem lies on what type of art I should choose. It is not much of a problem but more of a difficult-simple question. You know ,those questions whose answers and the question it self is quite simple yet its choices are difficult to consider. Stepping aside my negativeness and bad approach......<to be continued have to attend school>

bloody eyes

bloody eyes
"Bloody Eyes"- by Princess Secret, one of my first paintings.