Thursday, December 29, 2011

HaleBerry  portrait drawing

 too bad the flood destroyes my sketch pad so I cant continue these drawings anymore huhuhuhu

Giving away relief goods to families who don't want to live in Evacuation centers

Bringing relief goods house to

We are about to move to another place but still people are coming , they are running after us to ask for goods. Yes they are late haha.
Look at their smiles and you won't even believe that they have suffered from Typoon Sendong. They are so happy to receive 6 cans of sardines. Filipinos for the win!

By the way this is near Tubod bridge. These people are living beside the river.
I think this helicopter brings relief goods to hard to reach places and also for finding dead bodies.
I am so happy to capture the copter this near! yaay!   \(^w^)/

How to read the Bible

"Bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions." -F.Hess

Please answer the following questions:

a.) Do you read the bible everyday?
 b.) Or do you only read it during Special days like sundays, Christmas, or any religion related days?
c.) Or do you only read it when you feel like it.?
 d.) worst, you don't really read it all, just when you are FORCED to?

What is your answer?

   In my case, I don't read the bible everyday. So my answer would be "C" but sometimes "B". I only read the bible whenever I feel guilty not reading it , which is not right.

   We should see , reading the bible a responsibility or a task we need to accomplish everyday we shouldn't read the bible when I'm really angry or depressed ( though I can't call it depression yet).

Well, I recommend we should all find comfortand peace from God's word.  :)

Back to my point, I just hope that I or we would learn how to read the BIBLE everyday before 2011 ends. You could also add it on your new year's resolution list.

When I say "how to read the bible" , I do not mean how we read it by understanding the essence of those verse numbers or the arrangement of the names of the books in the bible. What I mean with " how to read the bible" is how to read the bible with the right motivation and best frequency , which is everyday.  I hope we will soon learn to move our fingers to open the pages of the book everyday until it becomes our breakfast or our dinner. It would even be more satisfying and full-filling than our usual meal, right?
Ofcourse, because it is THE REAL MEAL!

Too bad for me, my bible was ruined by Typhoon Washi (Sendong) huhuhu T______T
I have to buy a new one...(saving money)

Anyway, A D V A N C E   H A P P Y , H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R !!!    ^_____________^

Covenant of the Hands

Now hold my hand and swear (to God) that you will learn to read the bible everyday. Amen.

***   G o o d       L u c k     t o    U s    ***

Sunday, December 25, 2011

bloody eyes

bloody eyes
"Bloody Eyes"- by Princess Secret, one of my first paintings.