Friday, August 5, 2011

I Was INSULTED by the Bank Teller

Dear Diary,

I opened a bank account yesterday.
P.S. the bank teller could HARDLY believe I am under 18!
“Oh Hippest Teens Club…….Oh,that’s for TEENAGERS only.” ~._.~
I felt a chill in my spine. What did she say? I beg her pardon.
huhuhuhuhu Am I so ugly? huhuhuhuhu

I smiled…” But I am a teenager.”

“Oh how old are you?”

“Well,19.”  As usual I lied (yes, I never tell my real age or else I will suffer from the askers REACTION.), I would have chosen a much higher year but I can’t because one must be 13-19 yrs. old to be called a teen.
She was like ——> O_o

* i will end it here*

P.S. She had the most sarcastic smile in the whole world!
Weird…..I feel an urge to eating Dunkin Donuts’ butternut munch-kins while writing this.

I posted this in facebook and only one friend responded. huhuhu T_T Nobody really cares for me.
My friend thinks that I am clearly insulted and I should have reported the lady to the manager .


You think so?
Nah! I can’t do that. The idea did’nt even crossed y mind maybe because 
a. I am SCARED of reporting because I think the manager would even do the same thing.
b. I am innocent——> can’t identify an insult.
c. I am ignorant——-> Don’t know costumer service and the power of a manager.
d. Just used to it.

I think its all of the above but if I were to arrange them according to preference, it would be d,c,b,a. Meaning to say, I believe I am just USED to it .
I am so used to being mistaken to be a LOT older than my real age(like 25-37 yrs. old) but still I get HURT. Still, I get shocked.

But thanks to her, I was REMINDED that I am REALLY UGLY to the highest level. 
A “fact” that I always forget.

I don’t look at the mirror because Ill just get frustrated. Well,except when it is my magical-mirror-at-home because I always look pretty at our 28 year old mirror and I don’t know why.
Because of my old magic mirror, I leave the house feeling so BEAUTIFUL and end up getting heartbroken whenever I see my reflection on the jeepney’s (car) side mirror. T_T I can see the side mirror because I love sitting in the front seat because I feel safe and alone there.

Oooops„I am getting talkative. Lets end it here , I am revealing too much in this post. 

Good Night.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ugly Duckling is a Bitch!

I heard this on tv, ” I think you like her. Because when you like someone ,you will bug her even though she’ll get pissed.”

I was like……..@_____@

Oh really?

If so,then all the boys who teased me and bugged my spirits are……….inLIKE with me?

Then my classmate likes me? (now)




I believe those words were true but they don’t work for me. Never.

Guys bug me because I am BUG-able. They have all the reasons to tease me.

I am ugly, rude and messy.

So I don’t believe they like me. I don’t believe my crush likes me.
What? Did I just say CRUSH? That cannot be. I cant like him. I dont have the rights to. Because I am ugly.

But pessimisms aside, what if?

What if he likes me?


Oh YESSSSSSS    ........................whahahahaahahha

P.S. Please forgive me, I am a bitch. T_T

Don’t worry my crush for that man will expire tomorrow.(What is that  Unlitxt?)

It is because I just got this feelings at peak today and all I have to blame is my fucking dream. I dreamed of him today and in my dream, he LIKES me. So I returned the favor and LOV……no LIKE him too.
That explains why he is special to me.

I WILL FOREVER LOVE LEE MIN HO. So there shall be no way that I would like my classmate. I must be loyal to Minho.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man Threw Acid to a Woman Because of Rejection

 An Iranian woman blinded and disfigured by a man who threw acid into her face because she rejected his marriage proposal.

Is it love? Obviously not! IT IS LUST!
As what a quote says, "If you love someone, set her FREE."

What is wrong with people today? Why do they have to pour acid to a woman's face if their marriage proposal is rejected? Actually, this is not the first case. Just last week the same thing happened!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look at her eyes and you will find HOPE. While some parts of the world suffer from starvation, the RICH eats GOLD. YES THEY EAT GOLD.​amily-home/article/113164/​5-outrageously-expensive-f​ast-foods-cnbc

BY THE WAY, lets pray for her. Her chances of living is 50\50.

bloody eyes

bloody eyes
"Bloody Eyes"- by Princess Secret, one of my first paintings.