Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ugly Duckling is a Bitch!

I heard this on tv, ” I think you like her. Because when you like someone ,you will bug her even though she’ll get pissed.”

I was like……..@_____@

Oh really?

If so,then all the boys who teased me and bugged my spirits are……….inLIKE with me?

Then my classmate likes me? (now)




I believe those words were true but they don’t work for me. Never.

Guys bug me because I am BUG-able. They have all the reasons to tease me.

I am ugly, rude and messy.

So I don’t believe they like me. I don’t believe my crush likes me.
What? Did I just say CRUSH? That cannot be. I cant like him. I dont have the rights to. Because I am ugly.

But pessimisms aside, what if?

What if he likes me?


Oh YESSSSSSS    ........................whahahahaahahha

P.S. Please forgive me, I am a bitch. T_T

Don’t worry my crush for that man will expire tomorrow.(What is that  Unlitxt?)

It is because I just got this feelings at peak today and all I have to blame is my fucking dream. I dreamed of him today and in my dream, he LIKES me. So I returned the favor and LOV……no LIKE him too.
That explains why he is special to me.

I WILL FOREVER LOVE LEE MIN HO. So there shall be no way that I would like my classmate. I must be loyal to Minho.

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bloody eyes

bloody eyes
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