Friday, August 5, 2011

I Was INSULTED by the Bank Teller

Dear Diary,

I opened a bank account yesterday.
P.S. the bank teller could HARDLY believe I am under 18!
“Oh Hippest Teens Club…….Oh,that’s for TEENAGERS only.” ~._.~
I felt a chill in my spine. What did she say? I beg her pardon.
huhuhuhuhu Am I so ugly? huhuhuhuhu

I smiled…” But I am a teenager.”

“Oh how old are you?”

“Well,19.”  As usual I lied (yes, I never tell my real age or else I will suffer from the askers REACTION.), I would have chosen a much higher year but I can’t because one must be 13-19 yrs. old to be called a teen.
She was like ——> O_o

* i will end it here*

P.S. She had the most sarcastic smile in the whole world!
Weird…..I feel an urge to eating Dunkin Donuts’ butternut munch-kins while writing this.

I posted this in facebook and only one friend responded. huhuhu T_T Nobody really cares for me.
My friend thinks that I am clearly insulted and I should have reported the lady to the manager .


You think so?
Nah! I can’t do that. The idea did’nt even crossed y mind maybe because 
a. I am SCARED of reporting because I think the manager would even do the same thing.
b. I am innocent——> can’t identify an insult.
c. I am ignorant——-> Don’t know costumer service and the power of a manager.
d. Just used to it.

I think its all of the above but if I were to arrange them according to preference, it would be d,c,b,a. Meaning to say, I believe I am just USED to it .
I am so used to being mistaken to be a LOT older than my real age(like 25-37 yrs. old) but still I get HURT. Still, I get shocked.

But thanks to her, I was REMINDED that I am REALLY UGLY to the highest level. 
A “fact” that I always forget.

I don’t look at the mirror because Ill just get frustrated. Well,except when it is my magical-mirror-at-home because I always look pretty at our 28 year old mirror and I don’t know why.
Because of my old magic mirror, I leave the house feeling so BEAUTIFUL and end up getting heartbroken whenever I see my reflection on the jeepney’s (car) side mirror. T_T I can see the side mirror because I love sitting in the front seat because I feel safe and alone there.

Oooops„I am getting talkative. Lets end it here , I am revealing too much in this post. 

Good Night.

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bloody eyes
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