Friday, April 1, 2011

I never knew that Rose
 could be a beautiful name for a man, until a met you.
You were there looking at me straight in the eyes
and I thought it is the end of the world.
Then you asked me how much does our banana cue cost
 and woe to me I just realized you were a costumer.
It was just a few seconds when our eyes met
 but every milifraction of it stained my heart.
I tried not to tremble the moment I would answer.
But I cant even utter words. I am so stupid.

Did he think I am weird?
I bet not , because I believe a beauty like him have met
even more awestruck species like me.
In behalf of others , I say sorry to him not in words but
through telepathy,the only thing at the moment I could afford..
We didn't mean it, you are just irresistible.
Our world has to stop, so that we can enjoy
the breathtaking sight we see.
For we may not see it again.
You should be looking irritated
instead your demeanor were gentle.

How lovely can you get?
You were like a rose so beautiful and stunning
but grow thorns that go deep in my heart
makes it bleed knowing that you can never be mine.

The close space I created is already destroyed.
The power of Truth killed the monster I called Illusions.
Now, Im back to reality.
I can tell how many moments had passed.
You were standing there, waiting for an answer.
And you were smiling!
"A", Is it because I look weird and messy?
"B", Is it because you can read my actions?  or
"C", Is it because , it is just the way you are?
A,B or C the answer cant help my lil' misery.

Oh! God! I could die out of shame!

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bloody eyes

bloody eyes
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