Saturday, February 5, 2011

                                                                   I CANT BLAME THEM.

                               I CAN ONLY BLAME                                                                                                                            .                                                         OTHERS AND MY SELF  FOR SEEING AND IGNORING THEM.     

                                                                                                               THEY ARE IN A STRUGGLE FROM MAN'S PREJUDICE , 

                                FROM THEMSELVES AND FROM NATURE'S WRATH.

                                                               IT IS NOT always their fault... but maybe even YOURS!

We know this but only empathize.
<yes it is something we can all experience but theirs are far worse.>


                     Giving alms has always been a debate but a single coin won't hurt but it wont help too much to the point that they would be more dependent on us. Actually they are already but we still ignore saying we do not have and saying its their fault.
You don't have to feed all of them nor sacrifice your lil' allowance but at least when u see one , make sure to take a look. We can always help our neighbors that we meet on our way.

"These guys must work or else they die on their own. "

"They decided to live like that,so they mst face the consequences."

"My family is starving too, sorry I am not a HERO"

...BUT seriously, are you joking,? By that look (for example), how can they work? Even

 graduates and healthy people cant. Who will accept them? Think back. do you know? Is that what we call prejudice? Do you even know them? Who are you 

by the way?

....Are they asking all your bread? A cost of a single cigar,candy, or new magazine could help them so much.

                         What now? 

"They will die soon. It is no use."

- See? Do you know what you mean by that?

                   It is GIVING UP. You are not even in their situation . DO you think those people cant just 

 kill themselves rather than beg and starve? Ofcourse they can but still they had their 


     They dont wait for Death (though some might do) ,they wait for a miracle from directly 

from God or indirectly from you.

Think back... 

                                                                *** Hope this helps***

{I am a woman, troubled by all the problems of EARTH but I DONT REGRET. }


  1. Hi,

    I am a budding poet and I've recently written a poem about a begging child. While searching for the image of a begging kid, I came across the image that you've used in this blog of yours. I'd like to use this image for my blog and poem. Can I, please? Thanks.

  2. Hi! Sure why not and please credit me and I hope you can share your poem to me.I will even share it here. Thanks and good luck to your work! It would be an honor to read a poem written from the heart especially when it is about beggars! I am sorry for the late response because I didn't get a comment notification right away. God bless you my friend. ;)

  3. Begging is very sad. There will always be beggars, says the Bible. Without some structure for support, there is no way to end begging. Children must go to school, parents to work. Some money for food. Loving, kind help.


bloody eyes

bloody eyes
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