Thursday, January 27, 2011

When can you say someone is matured?

                 Unbelievable Friend

let us call my bestfriend #3, Fery.
I was so excited to know what the company has decided for me.  What other works are they going to give to me aside from being an artist? Will I be assign in the technicals? office management ? Whatever it is, I don't care as long as I have an assignment but here comes Fery,my best friend. Telling me that I will only be an artist and it has been decided. I asked why and whoaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.


:"because you are immature."


I know my self,I may act funny and childish but I know that when it comes to maturity physical and mental, I am a lot better than the average. I am not one of those people who define maturity as following etiquettes. <u dont have to follow everything to be mature >

Oh no. Is it my carefree.funny,cheerful personality? Do I have to look emo or serious to be mature?
For how many times ,we have been together? It is not too long,months but I believe it is enough for them to see through me.

COME ON! When they have problems ,I put aside my wacky self and talk to them seriously and maturely. (though some situations,I have to use my dominant personality for a purpose)<let the reader understand>

I hate it,they even ask for my advice and agree with it. They follow it and become satisfied. They don't even know how to handle those situations. A lot of things are happening to me now, my family,academic,intrapersonal problems are coinciding. As if they are on a race as to who could kill me first or just cause me depression. <evil laugh> Thanks to our Father in heaven whom I love very much and who never left me,to my wiseness(if you call it that way) and to my positive outlook that made me see things from the bright side, for because of them I SURVIVED. No. I just didn't survived, I LIVED. <notice the difference>

What pisses me off is that she is my best friend. Who is left to understand me? I know some "real: mature people out there and they understand my actions a lot and even predict it. They even know the reason. For average people,it is either stupid,confusing but to them it is cool. Like for example,<i have to spoon feed this part>whe our organization held an Open Forum and there was a part were asked what they hate from each other. her reason was, " She is so irritating and noisy sometimes. She is O.a"
but I hated her because she HATES herself. She have low confidence on what she can do and I truly hate it when she is like that. For others it was confusing,some who heard have neutral reactions but there is one guy who said, "what a true bestfriend!"
Do you think Im boasting or something? Because I am not. I am saying this for the world to understand. For the world to know . For the world to sympathize or disagree.
And one last little reason, because  I got tired of facebook

I'm sick of human "standards". So,I have to let go of my manly,carefree acts and be silent,serious "looking"
 and all of it.
First impression lasts,I know that. They knew ,I gradually changed from silent ,"standard or common" type of a woman to a very open ,wacky type ,thinking that they were mature enough to understand me.

Well,what can i do? Humans are confused. They lived in a world were movies and dramas can easily influenced them. Many lost their rationality. They see what they think they are seeing. Thinking that must be it.
they got trapped between the real and surreal world.

So what can I do?
            I can only understand. Now , I will change for them. Let us see what will happen. Of course I'll be the real me in my room.
            I can only observed more.

 Let their be peace in my comments.
Thanks for reading! =)

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bloody eyes

bloody eyes
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